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ABOUT K-9 PET CHEF (Chef Loreen)
Chef Loreen struggled to put herself through school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition so she could begin supplying dog lovers around the world with healthy diets. For years she has watched the health of the dog decline mainly due to poor nutritional choices the commercial dog food companies are providing.

"I founded K9 Pet Chef, LLC out of my passion for dogs and my concern that their nutritional needs are not being met by today’s pet food manufacturers,” says Chef Loreen. “Dogs have become part of the fabric of our lives, and in many cases, are our “children,” so they should be cared for as such. For over 30 years our mission is to empower our clients, through compassionate services, to take control of their dog’s heath and to awaken the healing power by gaining knowledge about their dog’s specific nutritional needs."

Hershey Kisses is Chef Loreen’s 12 year young Chocolate Labrador that has become her mascot for K9 Pet Chef, LLC. Hershey Kisses is very dear to Chef Loreen’s heart since they have a very close bond. Hershey Kisses was born with hip dysplasia in her left hip. For years Hershey Kisses refused to sit because of the discomfort. By feeding Hershey Kisses K9 Pet Chef, Hershey gets excellent reports back from her blood work on her heart, liver and kidneys…plus now she sits (due to receiving unprocessed oils in diet).

A year ago, Chef Loreen adopted, from a rescue organization, a 3 year young hound mix (Beagle and Blue Tick Coon Hound) named Stewey (looks like a Stewey). Her future plans for Stewey is to keep him as healthy as possible with exercise and delicious K9 Pet Chef diet fit for his breeds.

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