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What our Clients Say….
“My little boy Peanut (Yorkshire Terrier) had his checkup and we are pleased to let you know, that his kidneys are protein FREE! Your food for Renal Disorders (kidney stones) has done wonders. Thank you!”



“I try to feed my family a fresh and natural diet as much as possible so why was I not doing the same for our dog? The question seemed obvious but I had not asked it until our dear Lily joined our family this Spring. I knew that a healthy diet was the first line of defense in having a healthy dog and no matter how “natural” some of the dry and canned dog foods say they are the bottom-line is that they are still processed and anything but fresh or natural. That is when we made the decision to go natural and turned to Chef Loreen and K-9 Pet Chef. Our puppy Lily is simply thriving and well she should be as Chef Loreen tailors a diet just for her! Not only does Chef Loreen determine the exact amount of protein and other nutrients Lily requires based on her weight but by her breeds (Lily is a cross-breed) as well. And does Lily eat the same food all the time? Certainly not as Chef Loreen makes sure to rotate her vegetables and proteins which is also so important for having a healthy diet. So while we have been so relieved to have found Chef Loreen and K-9 Pet Chef for our Lily what we have also realized is that she has been a tremendous help to us as well.Moving to a natural diet brought a whole host of questions but no matter how basic our questions might have been Chef Loreen was there to answer them and to provide us with other helpful suggestions to incorporate into Lily’s diet and life. Because of Chef Loreen and K-9 Pet Chef we know that each and every feeding is benefiting our dear Lily and that we are not giving her food may be harmful to her now or in the future. What a relief!!! Thank you Chef Loreen and thank you for the “happy dance” that Lily does when she is being fed because the bottom-line for Lily is that she loves your food!!!”




“My dog was diagnosed with liver cancer. After feeding her K9 Pet Chef’s diet for Liver Disorders, the last check up showed, from the blood test of the liver, her numbers where going down. This added confusion to my vet. I was told once a dog has cancer in their liver there is no room for improvement. K9 Pet Chef’s diet helped my dog live longer and my whole family was extremely grateful.”




“Wow…what a difference. My toy poodle kept chewing his one leg, mostly one spot. I was told by my vet that it is a hot spot. The vet gave me medicine to apply orally and tropically. After the medicine was finished my little man would start all over again. Reluctantly I decided to go online to search for a different food. Found K9 Pet Chef and discovered that my poodle should not be eating chicken for his protein. Within 2 days my little man stopped chewing his leg. To this day he still doesn’t chew. I didn’t realize each breed’s body is designed to digest different proteins and carbohydrates.Thanks, Chef Loreen.”




"After numerous conversation with Loreen Playford aka, K9 Pet Chef and certified nutritionist about my Boston Terrier’s food allergy issues which were causing ear infections and anal gland problems, she recommended I try her breed specific Boston Terrier recipe. I thought what a small investment compared to the amount I have paid in vet bills for my dogs allergy causing issues. I was surprised that the ingredients needed for the recipe were actually cheaper than what I was paying for the process dog food I was using. It has been a month now on the K9 pet chef recipe and everything is better than I expected, I have seen a great change in my dogs demeanor, he seems more calm and very happy and he loves the food as well as no scratching, no itching and no visits to the vet. Thank you Loreen you have changed our lives for the better!"

Thank you!
-Sherry McMartin


Pictures of our happy clients
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